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UPC-12500 SORA Fully Automatic FOUP Cleaning System

UPC-12500 SORA Fully Automatic FOUP Cleaning System


300mm wafers have become the industry standard for semiconductor development and manufacturing. Exceptional FOUP cleaning is required for advanced products especially with the introduction of EUV lithography. Hugle Electronics has built on the solid performance of the UPC-12100 by introducing the UPC-12500. The 12500 is a fully automatic FOUP Cleaning System with excellent performance, throughput and reliability. Advancements for the new system include higher throughput, energy savings, and a smaller footprint. The UPC-12500 was designed and manufactured based on SEMI standard, UL and CE marking. It is also compatible with Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS) like OHT or RGV and Communication protocol (GEM300), so it is suitable for On-line control.


  • High Throughput – 3 advanced load ports, buffers, and transfer robot
    (20% increase to conventional system)
  • Exceptional reliability
  • 7 FOUP storage capacity
  • Multi-joint robot operates inside for higher safety
  • Lower Cross Contamination Risk: compact front-door and fully automated FOUP opening/closing
  • Small Footprint: Built-in tank unit with UPS
  • Energy saving
  • Prevent cross contamination risk
  • Enhanced Maintainability
  • Super High Purity Cleaning – 2-fluid high pressure jet cleaners
  • Cleanliness of CLASS 10 or higher
  • Hot air knife drying and FOUP door spinning facilitate the drying process
  • Compliant to various standards – SEMI, GEM300, CE, UL


  • Main Sytem:2200mm(W) × 3250mm(D) × 2500mm(H)(Excludeding projections)

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