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CP-2200 SMIF POD Cleaning System
  Products Overview CP 2200

The CP-2200 is a manually loaded SMIF pod washing system. This system is for cleaning semiconductor device containers and is built with experiance advanced knowledge of the latest technology for Semiconductor equipment manufacturing.. It is suitable for pilot lines, research and development. The CP-2200 can wash and dry 8 inch SMIF pods and also can wash 8 inch open cassettes.

Product Features
  • SMIF POD inside/outside cover, inner base are cleaned & dried simultaneously by DI Water jet washing/high pressure hot air knife drying
  • POD rotation for precise cleaning and drying by point-blank set nozzle
  • Prevention of bacteria growth by drain a little DI water except machine is in cleaning process
  • Simple operation by touch panel
  • Small foot print design
  • Sequence controlled by PLC
  • Flushing function to prevent dead water inside the tank
  • Operator friendly various safety systems
  • Easy maintenance
  • Various options are available for specific customer needs

  Product Specifications
  • Setting system: Manual
  • Processing Object: 8” SMIF POD
  • Throughput: 1 set/15min

  • Utility
  • Main system:1300mm(W) × 900mm(D) ×1500mm(H) (Excluding any projections)
  • Sub system: 600mm(W)×1000mm(D)×1400mm(H) (Excluding any projections)
  • Weight: 300kg
  • Power:3 Phase, 200VAC(grounded),8KVA,50/60Hz
  • Exhaust: 2000NL/min or above
  • Drain : 40 litter/min or above

  • DI Water:
  • Supply (10 liter/min as minimum)
  • Pressure (0.1 Mpa)
  • CDA (Clean Dry Air)
  • Pressure (0.7Mpa)
  • Supply (1600NL/min or above)

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