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HNM-300 FOUP/FOSB Cleaning System
  Products Overview CRD 4300

Cleaning FOUPs and FOSBs is required to improve and maintain the yeild of the semiconductor munufactring process. The HNM-300 can wash and dry a variety of FOUPs and FOSBs in one system without changing the set-up because of our unique chamber structure.

  Product Features
  • High through-put (compared with our previous system)
  • Small foot print design
  • Protection from electrostatic charge
  • Super purity washing by nozzle jet
  • Hot air knife drying method will shorten drying time efficiently
  • Automatic FOUP Opener function (option)
  • Complete Drying by reliable and successful “hot air spraying” and “high speed spin”
  • Dust suppression, ESD elimination system equipping with fine filter and Ionizer
  • Securing working space for disassemble & assemble container (no need to arrange clean booth separately)
  • Automatic purging function to prevent growth of bacteria
  • Auto flushing fuction prevents dead water
  • Easy operation by touch panel
  • Ensure High safety with completion of various interlocking system

  Product Specifications
  • Dimension: 2300(W)x1400(D)x2200(H)mm (Excluding any projections)
  • Weight: 800kg
  • Power: 3 phase AC200+-10V
  • Exhaust: 3000 litter/min
  • Drain: 10 litter/min

  • D.I .Water:
  • Supply (10 litter/min as minimum)
  • Pressure (0.3Mpa)

  • CDA (Clean Dry Air)
  • Supply (2500 litter/min)
  • Pressure (0.75Mpa)

  • Automatic FOUP opener and filter for DI water are available as optional item

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