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Standard Dicing Tape Request Dicing Tape Sample
Standard Dicing Tape image Semiconductor Wafer Dicing and Hybrid Substrate Sawing Tape
There is a Semiconductor Equipment Tape that is perfect for your application.
SEC Dicing Tape Brochure
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High Purity Tape Request Dicing Tape Sample
High Purity Tape image High Purity Pressure Sensitive Expandable Tape with Liner
Low ionic impurities and adhesion stability make this the perfect tape for your clean room application.
SEC Dicing Product Line
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UV Curvable Tape Request Dicing Tape Sample
UV Curvable Tape image UV Tape
A very high adhesive strength secures wafers firmly during dicing, while allowing for easy removal after exposure.
SEC Dicing Product Line
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Tape Mounters
Model 300  
Model 300 Tape Applicator image Wafer/Frame Tape Applicator
Specifically designed for 300mm wafers.
SEC Model 300 Brochure
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Model 3100 & Model 3150  
Model 3100/3150 Tape Applicator image Wafer/Frame Tape Applicators
Model 3100 & Model 3150 Wafer/Film Tape Applicators apply tape
with optimal control of temperature and pressure parameters.
SEC Model 3100-3150 Brochure
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Model 3200 & Model 3250  
Model 3200 Wafer/Backlap Applicator image Wafer/Backlap Applicators
Applies protective tape to your wafer prior to backlapping.
SEC Model 3200 Brochure
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Flip Chip/Die Bonders
Model 850  
Model 850 Flip Chip Placement System image Flip Chip Placement System
A versatile, semi-automatic placement system for flip chips, chip scale devices and bare die.
SEC Model 850 Brochure
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Model 860  
Model 860 Eagle Omni Bonder image The Eagle Omni Bonder
A multi-use system which can be configured for bonding laser diodes, flip chip and eutectic bonded die.
SEC Model 860 Brochure
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Hot Gas Rework
Model 430  
Model 430 Hot Gas Rework Module image Hot Gas Rework Module
Hot Gas jet directs up to 800 degrees celsius heated gas through an interchangeable quartz nozzle to a specific area.
SEC Model 430 Brochure
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Model 450  
Model 450 Hot Gas Rework Station image Hot Gas Rework Station
Hot Gas Rework Station removes surface mounted components
and bonded die.
SEC Model 450 Brochure
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Die Ejector
Model 4750  
Model 4750 Die Ejector System image Die Ejector System (Poker Plate)
Speed up die handling.
SEC Model 4750 Brochure
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Model 4800  
Model 4800 Die Ejector Grid image Die Ejector Grid
Die Ejector Grid System for loosening die for quick, safe removal from
wafer mounting tape.
SEC Model 4800 Brochure
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Individual Items
Model 360  
Model 360 UV Exposure System image UV Exposure System
Revolutionary new design cures UV tapes quickly and uniforly, has
an ultra long light source, and handles all size wafers to 300mm.
SEC Model 360 Brochure
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Model 830  
Model 830 Pick and Place image Manual Pick & Place System
Pick and Place surface mounted devices from carrier packs onto
pre-epoxied surfaces. Transfers die or other devices from tape.
SEC Model 830 Brochure
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Model HS-1810  
Model HS-1810 Die Matrix Expander image Die Matrix Expander
Expand up to 8" wafers including adjustable preheat timer, adjustable motorized stage stroke and speed control.
SEC Model 1810 Brochure
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Aquabond Adhesive image Aquabond Adhesive
A family of unique, water soluble adhesives to mount items that require extra firm mounting.
SEC Aquabond Brochure
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